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Hello, I am known as the MindMender and I am here for you! I wanted to write a personal note and thank you all for requesting this website community.  Thank you for joining us.
I have described myself, saying that "I am a very down-to-earth person.
I make therapy comfortable,  beneficial and meaningful. In addition, I tailor  therapy to your personalized needs and that is the only way that therapy should be."
Consultations and individualized therapy sessions can be arranged many ways. There are the traditional meetings and in addition, I am
available via Email, Skype and telephone.  

I can accept payments via PayPal.  We have worked hard to make this as convenient as possible.  If there is another convenience that will help you, please,  just let me know. We will do our best to make that possible in the future.

My Email Address is (all lower case)  leojbatt@aol.com

       Thank you,

       Leo - MindMender Online


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